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String Saver Saddles

"I don't have time for wussy string saddles! I need saddles that can take it! Not get cut up and heat up strings. I wouldn't think of playing "the Beast" without String Saver saddles, and you can take that to the bank! (see artist bio)

 (Dick Dale - The King of Surf Guitar)

String Saver Saddles

"Thanks so much for the String Saver Saddles.  I have them on my stage guitars and this past summer while touring with the Guess Who, I never broke one string!  I like to leave my strings on indefinitely, I happen to like "dead" strings, as they give me more sustain and help me get "my sound" so Graph Tech is in my loop forever.  Thanks for the great product; it's one that's long overdue for the axemen of the world".          (see artist bio)

 (Randy Bachman,Bachman Turner Overdr.,The Guess Who)

Sring Saver Saddles

"I like String Saver Saddles because they save my strings from breaking...I've been using them now for at least 10 years, if not longer, and I've noticed a significant decrease in string breakage...I hardly ever break strings anymore.  I'm so much a fan of the Graph Tech product that I'm actually going to be including them in my Signature Series Strat®ocaster that's coming out very soon.  That's a good testament to the quality of the product".     (see artist bio)

 (Kenny Wayne Shepherd,   Reprise recording artist)


"TUSQ is an extremely viable material for saddles.  It is especially suitable on guitars with under-the-saddle pickup technology because of its consistency and glassine hardness.  These attributes produce a clarity of tone with minimal imbalance of signal, and Graph Tech is pre-casting our saddles with our incremental compensation in an assortment of heights that are convenient for our setup department."

 (Dick Boak, C.F. Martin & Company)

TUSQ "TUSQ nuts and saddles have improved the sustain and clarity of our guitars.  We now use them on all models."

(Bob Taylor, Taylor Guitars)

 (Bob Taylor, Taylor Guitars)



"I'm very intrigued by the MIDI potential...I never realized such accurate tracking was possible!"

 (Guthrie Govan, Writer Guitar Techniques Magazine)

TUSQ:  “The difference that TUSQ ® makes is astounding. More low end, more high end, more sustain, more clarity, more punch”.

 (Mitch Malloy - RCA Recording Artist, Nashville, TN)

GHOST:  "(GHOST) offers probably the best sounding rendition of an acoustic guitar you're ever likely to hear from an electric guitar".

 (Guitarist Magazine)

GHOST:  "...the GHOST system gives me a great acoustic sound..."

 (Adrian Legg, Best Fingerstyle Guitarist 1993-1996)

GHOST:  "The sound is rich and organic...close enough to a "real" acoustic to fool both band and the audience..."

 (GIG Magazine)

GHOST: "The fatness of the (acoustic) tone is truly stunning, very realistic and addictively playable.  The tone is rich, full and satisfyingly acoustic."

 (Guitar Tech Magazine)

TUSQ:    "My name is Tim, and I'm from Holiday, Florida.  For the longest time, my Strat had a bone nut, because, I thought that was the gold standard for tone and durability.  I would break strings occasionally during a gig and didn't really think anything of it.  I thought it was just due to the fact that I strum pretty hard.  About a year ago, though, I switched to a TUSQ nut to see if I'd like it.  All I can say is WOW!  The tone really opened up and had so much more sustain.  Not only that, but ever since I had it installed, I have not broken a single string!  I will very soon be getting TUSQ nuts and saddles for my acoustics because of this great first impression.  Keep up the good work!"

 (Tim - Guitarist)

GHOST: "The sound is terriffic. The preamp is dynamite, and the push-push button give the extra poop this bass needs. I run it with a new SWR Baby Baby Blue and it goes to rehearsals, small gigs, even outdoors, and at home for practice. For bigger gigs, I use it with an SWR SM-900 and two or four tens. I use DR Hi-beam Flats, 105-45.

 T'he Ghost system is quite easy to install, and the plugs and terminal strips are logical. The Pace bass has a big empty cavity in the back where they used to put their discontinued preamps. Ghost volume and input jacks fit perfectly into existing holes.

 Nice piece of gear, and thanks to Mike for sending me your way. I would tell anyone with a Pace bass to immediately replace the factory bridge with this bridge and pickup system, plus a shim. Feel free to use this info any way you like.

 It's been a pleasure dealing with you,"


David Anderson


 (David Anderson - Bassist)

Graphtech's nut  improved my tone more than 50% after the old plastic one that was originally installed. I'm sure your products helped me to advance in the winners group (big time)!


“String Saver saddles are the best upgrade I ever added to my guitar. The tone transformation, clarity and sustain is amazing. I upgraded my new custom made Strat with a Black TUSQ XL Nut and String Trees as well. Graph Tech helped me to improve my tone, intonation, sustain and my musical expression.” 

 (Daddo Oreskovich)

ResoMax: "WOW!!  If tone was money....Then this is a very smart financial decision on my part. This Sheraton guitar has lost nothing of it's mojo and the tone now is juicier, sweeter than ever. Even the annoying mechanical buzzes from the ABR bridge, that were only noticeable when the guitar wasn't plugged in are gone. My 300lb tone is intact on this guitar and I'm forever grateful to you good folks at Graph-Tech. In my line of work(Performer/Teacher/Clinician)Tone IS Money!!!!  And I'll tell you straight up this guitar has never sounded better. She's got that beautiful full sound, with no loss in harmonics,responsiveness or sheer persuasive musical tone."

 (M.C Ruth)

I can't believe the difference the ResoMax bridge has made to the guitar. I have a pair of Bill Lawrence "Wilde" L600 rails on a Les Paul copy. I didn't think the sound could get much better but I thought the ResoMax would give me better harmonics and smooth out the bumps.  It did; beyond my wildest dreams. Every note seems to pull out of the guitar with so much depth and so evenly. I'm impressed! I didn't think the pickups could sound this much better. I had no idea how much of a difference a better bridge could make.  I'm ready to order a TUSQ nut for it and TUSQ saddles for my Godin.

 (Rip Puckhafer)

Your resomax is everything you promised. Simple design that makes many wraparounds look clumsy/mechanical. Put it on a PRS style custom I built. I am a bit of a minimalist, but enjoy fine design and purpose built products. No other saddle has answered all my needs till now. Thank you.



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