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TUSQ Bridge Pins & End Pins

 T U S Q   B R I D G E  P I N S  &  E N D  P I N S


“The difference that TUSQ ® makes is astounding. More low end, more high end, more sustain, more clarity, more punch.”  

Mitch Malloy - RCA Recording Artist, Nashville, TN

Traditional bridge pins will fit the majority of acoustic guitars including: Fender, Larrivee, Taylor, Gibson, Tacoma, Ovation, Breedlove, Rainsong, Carvin, Takamine, and many others. Traditional is the most popular size for most acoustic guitars.  The taper on the shank is 3 degrees.

Presentation bridge pins are not quite as common. They have a shorter shank than the traditional style pins and a thicker collar. They are used for Godin, Art &Luthrie, Archambault, Artist, La Patrie, Norman, Simon & Patrick, Seagull and Showcase.  The taper on the shank is 3 degrees.

The Alchemy of Tone

The magical sound of a fine acoustic instrument is a rare Alchemy of factors. Fine aged wood. Proper bracing. The right finish. Even the gauge of the strings. For years, many leading luthiers and players have added TUSQ® Nuts and Saddles to the list of their tone essentials. Now there's another tool in the quest to get every drop of tone out of a fine instrument: TUSQ® Bridge pins.

Consistency is Key

Bone and ivory bridge pins have on inherent problem - they're made from organic material, and therefore have inconsistent soft dead spots in them because of their natural grain. TUSQ® Bridge Pins, on the other hand, are precision engineered under high pressure and heat specifically to deliver the maximum amount of vibration directly to the top of your guitar.  They are consistent from piece to piece to offer you the rich tonal characteristic of the finest genuine bone or ivory - without the problems caused by variations in grain.

Our Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

TUSQ® Bridge Pins are beautifully finished in a variety of color combinations to compliment the woods of your instrument - from ebony to birdseye maple. They are a great, simple way to enhance an instrument's aesthetic appeal with a tasteful custom touch.  When combined with a TUSQ® Nut and Saddle, TUSQ® Bridge Pins will deliver bell-like high end, big open lows, and a noticeable increase in overall sustain.  In the time it takes to change a set of strings, your instrument can look and sound better than ever!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Renowned luthiers and manufactures alike have embraced the TUSQ® alternative.  Our bridge pins were rigorously tested by the top major U.S. acoustic guitar manufacturers.  Their evaluation?  TUSQ® bridge pins contribute to a discernable improvement in tone. TUSQ® products are currently used by": Taylor, Larrivee, Gibson, Ovation, Breedlove, Rainsong, Carvin, Godin, Schecter Guitars and many more. We invite you to join these industry leaders and give your instrument the tone it deserves!

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TUSQ Traditional Style Bridge Pins
Most common bridge pin; Fits Martin, Gibson, Epiphone, Yamaha and many more. .2020in/5.14mm diameter at shaft.
TUSQ Presentation Style Bridge Pins
Fits Seagull Guitars and other guitars using a narrower shaft pin; .1940in/4.93mm diameter at shaft.
TUSQ End Pins
Finally you can make your acoustic guitar complete with a TUSQ End Pin.
TUSQ Traditional Pins - BULK PACKS of 10 sets
Tusq traditional style pins. Packs of 10 sets (60 pcs)
TUSQ Presentation Pins - BULK PACKS of 10 sets
Tusq Presentation style pins. Packs of 10 sets (60 pcs)
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