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ghost pickup systems




"The sound is rich and organic...close enough to a 'real' acoustic to fool both the band and the audience..."

-- Gig Magazine

"I am also very intrigued by the MIDI potential.....I never realized such accurate tracking was possible"

-- Guthrie Govan, Guitar Techniques Magazine



Be the Band with the ghost® Pickup System. Get studio-quality acoustic sound or MIDI-compatible output at the flick of a switch! Finally, an affordable, modular pickup system in an easy-to-install package.

  • Incredibly authentic, studio-quality acoustic guitar tone.
  • Fastest, most accurate tracking available with today's sate-of-the-art MIDI converters.
  • Natural compression totally eliminates piezo "quack".
  • All the benefits of Graph Tech's patented String Saver™ saddles.
  • Easy, plug-and-play installation; very little soldering required.
  • Expandable system -- pre-amps & optional controls simply plug in!

Video: Watch Burr Johnson demonstrate the incredible capabilities of the ghost system!

For FAQs and detailed technical information about the ghost system, consult our Knowledge Base.

For detailed installation information, download Product Manuals and Installation Guides here.

To order ghost products online, scroll to the bottom of this page.

The ghost Pickup System can be installed on most Strat® style, Tele® style, Wilkinson®, Tune-O-Matic, AVT-II (wraparound), PRS®, Floyd Rose Original or Licenced, P/J-Basses, and any bass that accepts a Hipshot A-style bridge. Just replace your bridge saddles with ghost saddle pickups or a ghost-loaded Bridge Assembly (see below).

Custom-engineered piezo crystals are encapsulated in a set of Graph Tech's patented String Saver saddles. The ghost Saddle Pickups have a natural compression effect, so  you can play as hard as you want without overloading the input channel or experiencing the dreaded piezo "quack".

Pickups are individually calibrated so you get a precision-balanced set of ghost saddles, for even string-to-string output.

The output signal is then processed through one of the ghost system's plug-in modules, which are installed together or separately inside your guitar:

Acousti-Phonic Modular Pre-amp
for studio-quality acoustic sound from your electric guitar or bass.

  • captures the natural acoustics of your electric guitar -- hear the sound of the wood!
  • can be amplified or recorded directly
  • eliminates feedback or mic placement problems associated with an amplified acoustic guitar
  • automatically detects and selects mono (single amp) or stereo (dual amp) operation
  • onboard ghost pickup volume control to adjust the magnetic/acoustic mix
  • auxiliary 9v - 18v power for active mag pickups  -- eliminates the need for two sets of batteries
  • included jack shuts off all on-board devices when 1/4" cable is unplugged

Hexpander MIDI Interface
adds MIDI capability to almost any guitar or bass. Interface your guitar with pitch-to-MIDI converters by Roland and Axon.

  • Fast, accurate tracking.
  • Low-latency design perfectly complements today’s state of the art pitch-to-MIDI converters.
  • Operates with the latest MIDI converters and Virtual Guitar systems: Roland GR55, VG99, StringPort, as well as legacy units like Roland GR33, GI-20, and V Bass,  Axon AX-50, AX-100, Yamaha G50, and many more.
  • Add the ghost® Acousti-Phonic pre-amp and/or optional switches at any time by simply plugging them in…no rewiring or soldering.
  • Optional plug-in MIDI Volume, Momentary Up/Down Program Selector Switch (S1/S2) and QuickSwitch (MIDI/both/mag+acoustic) for an infinite palette of tonal possibilities.
  • Optional pin-7 wiring harness available for accessing a summed piezo signal.

The Acousti-Phonic Pre-amp and Hexpander MIDI Interface can both be used as stand-alone systems, or can "piggy-back" on each other for a complete set of features. Optional Plug-in-Switches allow you to flip between magnetic, acoustic or hex outputs, or blend the three for an infinite palette of tonal possibilities.

Plug into a world of possibilities!

"(ghost) offers probably the best sounding rendition of an acoustic guitar you're ever likely to hear from an electric guitar"

-- Guitarist Magazine

The ghost Modular Pickup System is factory installed in guitars made by:

Godin, Peavey, Schecter, Carvin, and the Yamaha Custom Shop.


ghost Sightings

ghost systems have been mysteriously appearing at musical performances around North America and abroad! Some of these sightings were caught on video. These apparitions are characterized by sudden changes from acoustic to electric tone, and have been known to make guitars sound like horns, strings, sitars, organs, and even percussion. Unbelievable, but true.

ghost Modular Pickup System

 Burr Johnson demonstrates the Hexpander - NAMM 2009

Notice the unearthly laughter at the end of this sighting, as Guthrie maintains his composure despite the guitar sounding exactly like a Hammond B3!

Guthrie Govan playing ghost equipped Guitar

Bill Dickens is clearly possessed as he plays MIDI bass and the Hexpander enables the converter to track notes as rapidly as he plays them!

Bill Dickens playing ghost equipped Bass

If you look closely, you will see convincing evidence that these phenomena are in fact caused by the presence of a ghost system: notice the QuickSwitch mounted near the controls on the black Les Paul or White Framus played by Simple Plan. This may explain how the guitarists are able to play acoustic and electric sections of the song without switching guitars!

Simple Plan playing ghost Equipped Guitar on the Junos

Innovator and researcher Dave Dunwoodie proposes a plausible explanation for the phenomena, citing the features and physics that may be causing more and more guitars to become vehicles for the ghost system.

Introduction to ghost Video with Graph Tech president Dave Dunwoodie

For the first time, this three-part series takes a look inside a guitar that is exhibiting the ghost system phenomenon.
The frightening conclusion: this could occur in almost any guitar!

ghost Hexpander Installation Video Part  1

ghost Hexpander Installation Video Part 2

ghost Hexpander Installation Video Part 3


ghost Products and Ordering

Acoustic tone from your electric guitar or bass
Hexpander MIDI Interface
Add a 13-pin jack to your guitar or bass to plug into a MIDI converter
ghost Kits
The most popular combinations of modules and optional controls
ghost Saddle Pickups
Direct-replacement acoustic saddle pickups for your guitar or bass.
Many to choose from
ghost loaded 4mm & 6mm ResoMax NV Bridges.
ghost loaded ResoMax NV tune-o-matic bridges.
4 finishes to choose from.
ghost loaded ResoMax Wrap Around Bridges
ghost LB63 Bridges
Drop-in replacement for Floyd Rose Original and Licensed bridges, with ghost-loaded saddles.
3 finishes to choose from.
ghost loaded saddles for Floyd Rose
ghost loaded String Saver Classics for six and seven string Floyd Rose style bridges.
ghost Hipshot Bass Bridge Assemblies
Hipshot bridges that are ghost loaded.
3 finishes to choose from.
ghost Acoustic MIDI System
Designed to integrate easily into a steel or nylon string acoustic guitar, the ghost Acoustic MIDI System will open a new world of tonal possibilities never before available to the acoustic guitarist.
Retain natural acoustic sound
ghost Spare Parts
Replace the small but important part you lost in the shag carpet...
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